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Second Date
by The Pussy Barber
I woke up to the sound of noise coming from the next room. It was daylight Sunday morning but I didn't know what time it was. I got up and wandered into the next room and found Barbara in the bathroom but the noise wasn't coming from her. She wasn't dressed yet and I asked her about the noise. Her 36" tits were making my horny again. She asked me how I enjoyed our date together and told her it was great. She said she loved it too and she was horny again. Just then she walked toward, me took my hand and led me to the room where the noise was coming from. She opened the door and on the bed a foxy girl and her boyfriend were in full swing. She told me it was her sister Janet and Mark. Janet was just as well build as she was and just as horny. Her boyfriend had his dick up her ass and she was moaning in pleasure. She saw us in the doorway and told me to come in. I looked at Barbara and she nodded "yes". I walked in and she followed me in. Now my dick was fully awake and wanted to get in on some action. I got in front of Janet and started kissing her and massaging the outside her pussy with on hand and caressing her tits with the other. Meanwhile, Barbara got behind Mark and stroked his long dick while he was sliding in and out of Janet. She pressed her body against his back and was starting to fondle the crack of his ass.
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