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Cheating With My Boss & Her Husband
by alli980
Hi, my name is Allison. This is the story of how a job change and my new boss changed my life. It's probably not the boss type relationship that you're thinking of either. I'm 28yo, 5'8", 115, 34-24-33, very happily married, great sex life and all that I could possibly want. I've been married for 7 years and never though seriously of cheating on my husband at all. A year ago I started a new job. My boss is a lovely woman named Gina, a very professional looking 30yo woman who looks 5 years younger than her real age, she is also married. After a couple of weeks on the job Gina invited me out for drinks on a Friday night after work. Things had been working out great at work and she said she wanted to get to know me better on a personal level. We drove to her house, dropped off our cars and then took a cab a few blocks down to a local bar that she liked. I'm not really a party person or a drinker but I wanted to be accepted. Well.... a couple of hours turned into a few hours and a few turned into alot. Finally after last call and god knows how many drinks we left to go back to her place. Neither one of us was in any condition to be driving and Gina graciously insisted that I stay the night and drive home in the morning. ..
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