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by TinCup
While my wife and I have an excellent relationship both in the bed and out, we recently experimented with another partner in a very erotic fling. Ironically, the other partner turned out to be a friend of mine, of whom I had met at University while completing my Masters. She was about 30 years old, nice figure, very outgoing, and nice rounded tits that always seemed to be pointed at me in lectures. Though she was gorgeous, my wife was nicely built also. That didn't matter to my wife as I could tell she was a smidge jealous. After study sessions at my house, I always came up to bed quite horny and asked Janet if "Erin could sleep over?" While her answer was always no, she surprised me one night by saying maybe! This got me excited but then I realized my wife was teasing, as we would never cheat on each other, swap, swing, etc. After some study sessions at my house, she would always stay and chat with my wife, Janet. As they become closer, they always seemed to chat later and later. Erin had a similar build to my wife, but a slightly bigger and more firm chest than Janet. ..
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